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VERSe Ottawa

VERSe Ottawa celebrates the art of poetry with communal event, Poetry in the Park

VERSeFest, Ottawa’s annual international poetry festival, wants to celebrate the art of poetry, music, and food by presenting Poetry in the Park. The festival will include an entire afternoon of bilingual arts performances along with a delicious lunch. The day of poetry will be held on Aug. 28 from 1pm to 5:30 pm at Strathcona Park in the Sandy Hill area. The event, including lunch, is free for anyone to attend.

Gilles Latour, poète lauréat francophone d’Ottawa pour les années 2021–2022

Natif de Cornwall, le nouveau poète lauréat francophone d’Ottawa Gilles Latour a reçu sa formation universitaire à Paris et Montréal. Cependant, il a passé la plus grande partie de sa vie à Ottawa, où il a mené une carrière en développement international, et servi Les Éditions L’Interligne en tant qu’éditeur de la collection poésie. Ses poèmes ont paru dans un grand nombre d’anthologies et de revues, et il a publié cinq recueils.

Ottawa’s new English Poet Laureate: Albert Dumont

Ottawa’s new Anglophone Poet Laureate, Albert Dumont or “South Wind,” is a poet, storyteller, speaker, and an Algonquin traditional teacher. He was born in traditional Algonquin Territory (Kitigan Zibi), and has been walking the Red Road since commencing his sobriety in 1988. He has published five books of poetry and short stories and two children’s books, written in three languages.

Poetry meets pop culture at A Dramatic Reading of Pop Songs

Just in time for National Poetry Month, Ottawa VERSeFest and IdeaSpace invite you to come celebrate the sillier side of this art form. Dramatic pop song readings have a long history (think Peter Seller’s cover of A Hard Day’s Night, or William Shatner’s utterly bizarre rendition of Rocket Man). On April 17th, Ottawa’s top poetic […]