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Vankleek Hill

Beau’s Big Reveal

This weekend past, Vankleek Hill darling Beau’s Brewery announced they would be closing the brewery for an all-staff meeting on Monday, May 16th. Hardly exciting news. But by Monday’s end, they had sent the Twitterverse a-flutter with a simple tweet that read: Beau’s to Make Important Announcement Tomorrow (Tuesday) Morning at 8AM. The internet, as […]

Beau’s Oktoberfest: Beer + Food + Music = Success for local charities

Vankleek Hill, a small beautiful community an hour east of Ottawa, was the place to be this past weekend as 14,000 attendees experienced Beau’s Brewery 6th annual Oktoberfest. For those unfamiliar with this German-inspired, beer-soaked celebration, it dates back to October 12, 1810, when the German Crown Prince Ludwig married Princess Therese. They threw one […]

beau's oktoberfest

Foodie Friday: Five must-eats at Beau’s Oktoberfest

I know when I think about Beau’s Oktoberfest, three things come to mind: locally-brewed beer, preventative hangover cures, and how much fun it is to say “Vankleek.” But one of the more underrated aspects of the two-day festival — at least, in terms of being the main reason people make the 90-km trek from Ottawa […]

Five fall finds an hour (or less) east of the city

Post by Caitlin Carpenter. The old adage of “head west, young man” may be backwards in Ottawa. Most areas in and around Ottawa have been thoroughly mined by locals for hidden gems. However, the communities to the east of Ottawa are often overlooked. Non-existent traffic and crowds, fresh ingredients, affordable stays, and bucolic scenery should […]

Apartment613 Visits Vankleek Hill: Beau’s Seasonal IPA out on April 24

During the Easter long weekend, a group of friends and I decided to drive up to the  home of the Beau’s beer brewery. The 3-year old brewery is situated in Vankleek Hill, about a one hour drive east of Ottawa. While Lug Tread is their staple beer, they’ve successfully produced a couple of seasonal beers; […]