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Fringe Encore; Spring Series

What’s a Fringe encore? A weekend double bill that milks the cow for shows THAT HAVE BEEN HIT AT FRINGE FESTIVALS, OTTAWA AND BEYOND. Fringe Encore is back, baby!  And we’re bringing you two hits from the past two years of Ottawa Fringe, April 26 & 27. Catch that show you missed, see your favourite […]

Sock ‘n’ Buskin Presents: Fahrenheit 451

Written by: Ray Bradbury Directed by: Sheldon Parathundyil Stage managed by: Jaquie Sheppard and Meg Sutton SYNOPSIS In a dystopian futuristic society, fireman Guy Montag’s job is to burn books. Books are the enemy here, where people do not read or think critically; instead, they watch television and drive fast cars. As Montag’s dissatisfaction with […]