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The Page Turners

Write On Ottawa: A world of vampires, aliens and magic

When, I ask you, was the last time you read a book that started with an alien abduction? No pointless preamble, no meaningless interactions between characters we’ll never care about, no killing time for the sake of pacing. Just the simple horror that comes to a young boy as he awakes to find himself surrounded […]

Write On Ottawa: YA fantasy novel offers a coming-of-age gothic tale

Maplewright, the small town where Kevin Johns’ young adult novel The Page Turners is set, is a sad-sack little burg, devoid of glamour or inspiration.  It has a stalled economy, few decent jobs, and run-down neighbourhoods.  It could be any one of a thousand fading rural centers across North America. The population is narrow-minded and bigoted; […]