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The Goodluck Assembly

The Goodluck Assembly left the audience wanting more

Despite her day job as a bureaucrat, A. Laramey is a writer, and spends too much time on the internet. You can read more of her writing here. For several years the Shenkman Arts Centre has been running its Après Dark series, a series dedicated to showcasing emerging, local musicians. I was lucky enough to […]

Your guide to the best wintery songs by Ottawa musicians

This post comes to us from artist consultant Samantha Everts of YouRockRed. The snowy weather is upon us and artists all around this fair city use it to their advantage for beautiful visuals in their videos, even when they shoot outdoors in sub-zero temperatures dressed in beach wear only! Some artists altogether threaten to leave for […]

Blogging Bluesfest 2013: The Goodluck Assembly

Brothers Bruce and Mike Libbos are the leaders of  The Goodluck Assembly.  Apt613 spoke with them in late March, on the heals of their CD release. In the interview, Bruce mentions how Demonstrations is – in his opinion –  the first release of theirs where he as a vocalist or songwriter didn’t really wear his influences on […]

From demos to Demonstrations: Q&A with The Goodluck Assembly

[youtube width=”600″ height=”485″][/youtube] The Goodluck Assembly, formed by brothers Bruce and Mike Libbos, are set to release their sophomore album Demonstrations in May 2013.   This record is fresh, both to the band and the fans, and so rather than planning a release far in advance, they are ready to get the music out there. Which […]