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Talking Albums

Talking Albums: Sonny Aiken

Back in the 613 and bursting with music ideas, Sonny Aiken joins Talking Albums to tell us about his “stay-at-home” days following his world travel.

Talking Albums: John Carroll

On this edition of Talking Albums, we’re going down the road with Ottawa singer, songwriter, and performer John Carroll.

Talking Albums: Heather Gibson

Heather Gibson, Executive Producer of Popular Music and Variety at the NAC, tells us about the music she’s listening to and how she and her team addressed the sudden COVID-19 shutdown.

Talking Albums: Valois

Valois is known for its eclectic glam rock, built around three-part harmonies, jangly guitar, and layered synths, and for their high-energy live shows. They’ve performed at Megaphono and Marvest and opened for Dent May, Monowhales, and Nyssa. Here’s what they’re listening to during the pandemic.

Talking Albums: Kalle Mattson

This year, Kalle Mattson has released a single under his own name (“Back To The Start”) and introduced Summersets, his new musical project with Andrew Sowka. Kalle told us what he’s been listening to during the pandemic lockdown.

Talking Albums: Scary Bear Soundtrack

We caught up with multi-instrumentalist Gloria Guns to see how she and her band members (Kevin, Maggie, Dannik and Trevor) are spending their time at home now that their plans have come to a sudden stop.

Talking Albums: Omar Montelongo

In our ongoing Talking Albums feature, Omar Montelongo tells us how he’s spending his Isolation Days (a perfect Clash song title!) and what music he’s been listening to.

Talking Albums: Jahmeema

Talking Albums with Jahmeema, who you will have seen her regularly at LIVE! on Elgin’s open mic nights. Her YouTube channel features covers of Alicia Keys, Billie Holiday, and her five-song A New Season collection. She’s recently released a new single, “Revelations.”

Talking Albums: Mack & Ben

We asked Mack & Ben how exactly they’ve been spending their days, and what they’ve been listening to while keeping busy.

Talking Albums: Jasmine Trails

Jasmine Trails tells us how she’s been spending her stay-at-home days, her favourite listening formats, and what she’s been listening to.