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Hood Wars 2013: The Ottawa Open

Hood Wars is Apt613’s annual neighbourhood smack down, a war of words to determine which of the city’s 97 neighbourhoods is the best. The story to date: The Hintonburg Mafia won the first ever Hood Wars, using methods I will not divulge lest I wake up with a horse head in my bed. Smugly assuming […]

Weekend roundup: What to do in Ottawa

It’s the last few days of Support Local month, folks (and the annual facial hair growing marathon), so get out to catch the last few events. Tonight, some Dalhousie shops are hosting a festive night, and tomorrow? We’ve got a dance party, a mustache celebration, a supper club featuring fresh food mixed with live music, and […]

Apt613 Talks: Entrepreneurship and creativity in Ottawa

A Toronto-based friend of mine can be mean when talking about our nation’s capital. “Ottawa is a great place to raise a plant,” he once told me, jokingly. “It’s also a good city for your parents to live in.” This opinion of Ottawa as a stuffy, boring place where dreams go to die is shared […]

Support Local: Bronson Food Passport edition

The ongoing construction on Bronson Avenue has hit many businesses in the area quite hard. Whether it’s a decrease in retail sales, or dealing with the daily hassle of having their neighbourhood turned upside down, the impact has been significant. Instead of buckling under the pressure, however, seven food establishments decided to offer a special […]

Weekend roundup: What to do in Ottawa

[youtube width=”600″ height=”485″][/youtube] This is a great weekend if you’re Scottish, or if you”re curious about what’s behind the walls of the Croatian, Lithuanian, German or Spanish embassies. It’s also not a bad weekend if you’re into all things local, with Support Local month officially starting today. Tonight we’ll be down at Raw Sugar for […]

Support Local month is back!

So, Ottawa. You’ve heard of Kichesippi brewery, but did you know about The Flatbread Pizza Co? You know Magpie Jewellery, but how about local band Winchester Warm? And Wabi Sabi is famous among the knitting crew, but have you seen the lovely socks of Guy Charbonneau? Don’t worry, this isn’t a pop quiz testing your […]