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Weekend Roundup: Quoi faire ?

Welcome to the first snow covered weekend in the city. If the cold temperatures and slippery sidewalks aren’t enough to make you think like a bear and hibernate this weekend, there is plenty to do out and about in Ottawa. So get bundled up and get out there. We promise you it’ll be worth it!

The big one is back – Youppi Club’s second pop up show

Roll up. Roll up. The fun is coming! Feel the magic up close with the Youppi Club, a community of fun-loving folk dedicated to exploring interactive styles of play and spreading joy through performance! The Ottawa Stilt Union, Ottawa-Gatineau’s bilingual theatre company dedicated to the art of stilting, is now stretching its legs even further […]

Stand tall in solidarity with the Ottawa Stilt Union

[youtube width=”600″ height=”400″][/youtube] It’s been a season of labour unrest in Canada; first the teachers in Ontario, and then the prison guards in Alberta. Now the Ottawa Stilts Union is threatening to cause some ruckus. Yes, Ottawa has a Stilt Union, a theatre group that uses stilts, acrobatics and other forms of extreme physical action to tell their stories. […]