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Studio 1201

Fringe Review: (Re)Tired Magical Black Man

Ryan Pepper: Velvet Wells is an entertainer in the truest sense of the term. Over the course of (Re)Tired Magical Black Man, Velvet plays dJerald the Djinn, whose wish-granting abilities set the action for the show; four puppets; a couple of inanimate talking objects; and they sing as well.”

Fringe Review: CIVILIZED

Gauthier and Caplan: “Civilized is a powerful and impactful show, but sitting through this production is not easy; it feels tense, uncomfortable, and oftentimes horrifying. But these are the ways art changes us, by challenging us to sit in our discomfort and listen to the stories and the history that needs to be told.”

Fringe Review: The Beauty We Carry

A verbatim documentary play about facing death. Brian Carroll: “like new spring growth breaking through cold winter soil, a new pattern emerges. Out of deep sorrow and suffering, glimmers of resilience start to appear. Even as circumstances become more and more dire, the interviewees find inner strengths with which to face extraordinary difficulties.”

Fringe Review: ABLE

Amanda Dookie: “Despite the burdening and encumbering aspects of osteoarthritis explained by Catherine, the name of the play is ABLE for a reason. Catherine admits that while she could let the disease bring her down, she doesn’t let it stop her.”