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A Lighthearted History of Space Travel

You’ll Never Get to Heaven: A Lighthearted History of Space Travel Lecturer: Dr. Peter Watson Everyone “knows” that the idea of space travel started with Jules Verne in the 1870s. In fact people have dreamed of exploring the heavens for thousands of years, and started thinking about the practicalities of it almost a century ago. […]

Yuri’s Night

Be part of an international event celebrating humanity’s accomplishments in space exploration! Yuri’s Night commemorates the day Yuri Gagarin became the first human to go to space — back in April 1961. Today, the event is celebrated in cities around the world. The Canada Aviation and Space Museum is partnering with Science Slam Ottawa and […]

Fringe Review: Angels & Aliens

60 minutes | Comedy | Mature “To this minute, I have experienced nothing but disappointment at these plays,” I wrote in a notebook moments before the play began. So melodramatic, so filled with ennui one can only experience with the most ridiculous of First World problems. “This abundance of entertainment doesn’t meet my standards and […]

Experience the Academy lifestyle at Star Trek Exhibit

Part one by Mer Weinhold. Space: the final frontier. Star Trek turns 50 years old in 2016, an anniversary marked by various events and festivities. Numerous conventions are happening throughout the year, Canada Post and the Royal Canadian Mint are releasing Star Trek stamps and coins, and museums are sharing their enthusiasm for space exploration […]