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Apartment Crush | Office Edition: Shopify

Walking into the new Shopify office on Elgin Street, you quickly realize this is not the typical cubicle-dominated space you expect to encounter in a modern office.  Instead of the familiar and harsh fluorescent lighting that most of us are accustomed to, you’re met with subtle mood lighting, the natural tones of wood and cork and an […]

Awesome Ottawa: Three years of making the city a little more amazing

Editor’s note: Apt613 itself received an Awesome Ottawa grant in 2012 for our lecture series.  Doesn’t everyone want their city to be a little more awesome? Awesome Ottawa – a group devoted to promoting awesomeness in the universe – will be celebrating its third birthday and the contributions they have made to the worldwide ecosystem of awesome on June […]

Apt613 Talks: Entrepreneurship and creativity in Ottawa

A Toronto-based friend of mine can be mean when talking about our nation’s capital. “Ottawa is a great place to raise a plant,” he once told me, jokingly. “It’s also a good city for your parents to live in.” This opinion of Ottawa as a stuffy, boring place where dreams go to die is shared […]