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GOOD2GO Rocks the Rooster !

GOOD2GO – With influences ranging from The Rolling Stones to The Ramones , GOOD2GO kicks out the jams at full throttle and always has a blast doing so! Fronted by the dynamic Miss Maureen on vocals, the band whips up a rock ’n’ roll juggernaut that is both mischievous and captivating. GOOD2GO is rounded out […]

Les Chiens Sales font honneur au RockFest (Montebello)

C’est la saison des festivals dans la région de la capitale nationale et l’un des plus grands et des plus amusants est certainement le RockFest de Montebello. Fort de sa 11e année, le RockFest rock de par son habitude d’attirer plus de 200 000 festivaliers en 3 jours. À lui seul, il réunit plus d’une […]

Why hasn’t Ottawa heard of Michael Greilsammer?

[youtube][/youtube] I went into my interview with Michael Greilsammer knowing nothing. I came out in absolute confusion. First of all, why hadn’t I heard of this guy? He’s famous in Israel; he’s won that country’s version of the Oscar (called the Ophir, if I recall correctly), and he makes some pretty exceptional music (for more […]