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Rideau Carleton Raceway

Flea market frenzy

For many the term flea market isn’t all that appealing, but for me it holds a certain allure. I imagine rummaging through stalls of hidden treasures, losing myself in an open air market filled with ancient, vintage, gypsy magic. So, for once, rather than window shopping along the streets of my own neighbourhood where I […]

Voices heard at FEDCO casino meeting

The continued discussion on the City of Ottawa’s plan to open an additional gaming facility in the Nation’s Capital came to a conclusion early yesterday morning when the Province of Ontario rejected Mayor Jim Watson’s proposal, and suggested instead to expand the gaming facility at Rideau Carleton Raceway. The news was announced right before the […]

Weekly News Quiz: July 22, 2013

Think you are up to date about local happenings? Test your knowledge with our local news quiz, five questions designed to test whether you’ve been paying attention. How to score: 5 out of 5: News stud! I hear The Citizen is hiring… 4 out of 5: Cheater! You work at City Hall. 3 out of […]