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Fringe Review: Fringe Late Night

After a seeing two shows, and having a couple of drinks of at the beer tent I walked over to check out the “season premiere” of Fringe Late Night. Now, there are very few things in heaven or on earth that I love as much as a variety show – so this thing was pretty […]

Theatre review: What Happened to the Seeker

In What Happened to the Seeker, there is an illuminating moment when an aging hippie living in India muses on the local custom of going about the everyday business of living when young, working and raising families, then seeking enlightenment later when they are older. He speculates that maybe much of his current disappointment and […]

Bahamas at Mavericks

Bahamas: between subdued earnestness and smirking irreverence

Bahamas is a hard act to Google. What’s a reviewer to do? If left to my own devices, I might start making assumptions based on the page one search results. I might think of adjectives like warm, inviting, pristine. Smooth. And, well, probably not coincidentally, I wouldn’t be wrong. But there is a deeper layer […]

Everyone’s Dancing at the Plaskett Ball

This post is by Amanda Putz, CBC Radio host and new contributor to It is reproduced with permission under a Creative Commons license agreement. Make sure to check North by East West, it’s an awesome Canadian music blog. It’s hard to say anything that hasn’t already been said about Canadian indie sweetheart Joel Plaskett […]