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Hello My Name Is… New Potato

What’s that? You think we’ve met before? Perhaps – but I think you may be confusing me with my much older and dowdier cousin.

Hello My Name Is… Asparagus

Welcome to a new weekly blog feature!  Every Saturday, check in to find out WTF is in season and WTF to do with all that local goodness.  Asparagus – people either love it or hate it.  Interestingly, many people who hate asparagus, love the soup recipe I’ve included.  And now, without further ado, over to […]

Tour de Blogosphere: Food and foodies

The kitchen is arguably the most important room in a home. True, you may have more fun in the bedroom, and the living room is often the entertainment hub, but it’s in the kitchen where delicious magic is created to soothe the stomach and caress one’s taste buds.Numerous Ottawa bloggers agree that cooking is a […]