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Raymond Biesinger

Doing more with less is The Famines’ way

The Famines are certainly a minimal group in style and format, but the substance of their music is anything but bare. Undeniably, despite a low musical output over the last 5 years, The Famines have a reputation for releasing multi-medium works and for vocalizing DIY politics. Alongside their album, “14 July, 2008,” for instance, the […]

Raymond Biesinger launches Black and White Illustrations at Wurm Gallery

What does an illustrator do with over a decades’ worth of work? Raymond Biesinger has collected his into a 208-page book, Black and White Illustrations, which launches in Ottawa tonight at Invisible Cinema‘s Wurm Gallery. In addition to the book launch, 11 of Raymond’s screenprints will be on display at the gallery until December 12. The […]