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Pierre Brault


Counterfeit! is a new play by the Ottawa Baroque Consort, with actor Pierre Brault. Coining is high treason in 17th-century England, and the penalty is death by hanging. But William Chaloner is no ordinary criminal. His counterfeit coins are so good that they rival – and some say surpass – the quality of those made […]

Theatre: Pierre Brault brings history to vibrant life

Pierre Brault has an excellent track record of writing and performing one-man plays based on historical figures.  First, there was Patrick Whelan, the man hung for assassinating D’Arcy McGee (Blood on the Moon).  Then Elmyr de Hory, the notorious art forger (Portrait of an Unidentified Man).  And then Lenny Breau, the guitar genius (5 O’Clock Bells). […]