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PDA Projects

Ming Wu: A Wrinkle In Time at PDA Projects

You probably already know Ming. He is a champion of music, art, and culture, and brings enthusiasm and fun wherever he goes (which, as it turns out, is a lot of places). At PDA Projects, A Wrinkle In Time pays tribute to a classic children’s book whose themes of displacement and the abuse of power are strikingly […]

Apt613 Live for April 7, 2015

Tonight on Apt613 Live we’ve got a new voice: Catherine Brunelle (who some of you might already know from the blog or from the fantastic podcast Write Along Radio! Catherine sat down to interview Brendan de Montigny and Gillian King from PDA Projects to talk about…well their most recent project: PDA Press whose ongoing Indiegogo […]

Basement 819 du 7 janvier 2015 :: Artistes à surveiller en 2015! Arts visuels EXIT / SOUND. On fait une incursion légale dans la Galerie PDA Projects

Basement 819 se réjouit d’un temps des Fêtes fort fructueux. Non seulement nous avons repris des forces mais nous avons la tête bien prête à jouer dans la culture locale! Voici donc un premier résumé d’émission pour cette année 2015 qui s’annonce festive et prospère. Gardez l’oeil ouvert! Voici notre sélection d’artistes à surveiller Éric-flair-de-lynx […]

Show your love for PDA Projects, Elgin Street’s new art gallery

Elgin is set to join the Ottawa arts scene at last. PDA Projects, an inclusive workshop-driven gallery showcasing emerging Canadian artists, is opening on Elgin next to The Lieutenant’s Pump. The opening on Saturday, August 16th, runs from 6pm-10pm. Simply titled the “Grand Opening Group Show 2014,” it will feature selected artwork by the artists […]