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Ottawa Symphony Orchestra

Weekend Roundup: Quoi faire?

As more cultural spaces and events come back to life, keep your ear to the ground about adjustments to COVID restrictions and make informed decisions about the businesses and venues that you want to support! The clocks move forward next weekend, so embrace this last weekend of “winter” and take back the little parts of our city that bring you joy.

Interview: Violist, composer, and storyteller Kathryn Patricia

Kathryn Patricia Cobbler is a musician, artist, storyteller, and catalyst for creative experiences. As a multi-faceted musician-educator, she engages audiences of all ages in interactive performances, residencies, and musical workshops. In this interview, Kathryn talks about collaborating with other Ottawa-based artists and inspiring students to express themselves through visual arts and music.

A standing ovation for Ottawa’s largest orchestra

Let’s start with some musical trivia: What is the oldest and largest musical ensemble in the Ottawa-Gatineau region?  The National Arts Centre Orchestra you say?  Sorry, try again. How about one of the numerous choral groups in the city, or an organisation like Opera Lyra, which has been performing for more than three decades?  No […]