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Ottawa Fringe

Apt613 review opening weekend of the 20th Ottawa Fringe Festival

For the fifth consecutive year, Apt613 will be reviewing all Ottawa Fringe plays on their first night (as much as humanly possible). Every published review is linked below. You can also find these on our Fringe page. A huge thanks to all of our 30 volunteer contributors and to all, enjoy Fringe’s 20th anniversary! #Staystrong $12 […]

Can’t Argue with Pussy

Reviewed by Tania Levy 60 min | Comedy | Mature Two women walk into a Fringe venue. Beginning of a bad joke? Nah. But the backstory of why they walk into a Fringe venue is interesting. Female comics have it tough. No, seriously, hear me through. Club owners who vet your material for being too […]

Bulls Heart

Review by Devan Marr Drama, Dance, Comedy, Solo | 50 minutes Bulls Heart is a solid production. From the creator of the popular Under the Mango Tree from last year’s festival comes a piece about living for others, the meaning of success, and the compromises you make to get there. Solid is the best way to […]


40 min | Drama | Mature Oh, boy. OK. Let’s start with the basics. Blackout is a play by a contemporary Scottish playwright, Davey Anderson. It tells the story of a teenage boy who “has been pushed to the edge”, commits a terrible act of violence under the influence of several substances and lots of […]

Against Gravity

Review by Barb Popel 45 min / Comedy, Musical, Physical, Puppetry / G Against Gravity is an unusual form of shadow puppetry. In other shadow puppet shows I’ve seen, the puppeteers manipulated their often quite elaborate silhouette cutouts from behind a backlit screen, often with a charming and beautiful effect. In the case of Against […]

Nebraska (Youth Infringement Festival winner)

Review by Amanda Dookie @letitbeamandad 45 min | Comedy | Drama Do you have a secret? Would you be able to turn to the person next to you and share it? For twenty-seven year old Matt, being caught between two people doesn’t make that easy. Tony Adam’s Nebraska is a tale about coming-of-age in the midst of […]


60 minutes | Drama | Mature Like a penal Groundhog Day, Disillusion depicts jail guard Erik Abbott being forced to live out the last days on earth of condemned men whose executions he was involved in. The play is intended as a moral fable– there but for the grace of God go any of us […]

La voix humaine

Review by Èva Morin 50 min | Dramedy | PG Written as a play by Jean Cocteau in 1930, La voix humaine tells the classic love story of a girl in love with an unattainable man. The one-act play was later transformed into an opera, with music composed by Francis Poulenc in 1959. For this year’s Fringe […]

The Pit

Review by Erin Murray 60 minutes | Comedy | G It is so easy to slip into routines. You can repeat the same day over and over so many times, that you begin to forget all other ways of living. Some people welcome the monotony of such a life, repeating the same words to the […]