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Ottawa Dance Directive

Weekend Roundup: Quoi faire?

Happy June, everyone! The city continues to come alive as the sun gets hotter and the days get longer. This weekend you can enjoy free entry to dozens of Ottawa’s most interesting and beautiful buildings during Doors Open, or choose to stay in and enjoy a variety of live music all over town. Election Day is Thursday in Ontario, so before you get too deep into your weekend plans, make your way to the polls and vote for a province you want to live in!

Weekend Roundup: Quoi faire?

We made it! The May long weekend always feels like the official beginning of great weather and summer plans… though last week sure felt like the middle of July. Check out all the great activities this weekend and stay safe!

Weekend Roundup: Quoi faire?

This weekend marks the end of the year’s shortest month, which has managed to feel like the longest. We’ve almost come full circle, as we approach a full year in this weird pandemic world. With restrictions eased, there are in person events on the docket this weekend, complemented by a variety of online events if you aren’t yet ready to get back out there. Without further ado, here’s the lowdown on what’s up this weekend in Ottawa.

Interview: Violist, composer, and storyteller Kathryn Patricia

Kathryn Patricia Cobbler is a musician, artist, storyteller, and catalyst for creative experiences. As a multi-faceted musician-educator, she engages audiences of all ages in interactive performances, residencies, and musical workshops. In this interview, Kathryn talks about collaborating with other Ottawa-based artists and inspiring students to express themselves through visual arts and music.