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OC Transpo

Weekly News Review: Provincial Liberals debate in Ottawa, bring on plasma gasification and more!

You’ll get the chance to hear from provincial Liberal candidates vying for Premier Dalton McGuinty’s job this Tuesday as Glen Murray, Sandra Pupatello, Eric Hoskins, Charles Sousa, Hrinder Takhar, Kathleen Wynee, and Gerard Kennedy will debating at Carleton University’s River Theatre Building starting at 7pm. Innovative solution or environmental quagmire? That’s what the next few years will tell us […]

Weekly News Review: Locals show their pride, try a nouveau rental car on for size, OC Transpo expands double deckers and more!

This year’s pride parade came off without a hitch, and Capital Xtra is calling it one of the most diverse and inclusive local pride events in years. Supporters ranged from eight months to 85 years in age, with the Senior Pride Network showing their colours in full force. A new Ottawa business is positioning itself as a godsend […]

Guest Post: Transit Tunnel Drama Unfolds in Ottawa

Apartment613 is pleased to offer a take on the new transit tunnel plan today from David McClelland of the Ottawa Project. You’ll also hear him discuss the tunnel on CBC Radio.  If you have comments on the proposal please leave us a comment! With the release of a proposed route and stations for Ottawa’s future […]

Updated: Apparently it wasn’t God that brokered a deal in the bus strike

UPDATE: Citing concerns about “additional controversy,” OC Transpo has refused to run the atheist ads on Ottawa’s buses and the city’s committee in charge of the transist system has declined to override the decision. It looks like the next stop for the Athiest bus will the nation’s capital, as the Freethought Association of Canada announced […]

It’s over! Let them roll again.

The transit strike is (almost) over! The City of Ottawa and the OC Transpo workers union have reached a tentative deal to end one of the longest transit strikes in Canada.  Both city council and union membership need to make things official before the buses start running again. It was announced that all issues that […]

A small, not so angry, mob

It’s Day 48 of the Ottawa OC Transpo strike and some citizens are more than fed up. A number of protests were organized today, starting from the Ottawa City Hall  and leading up the Parliament, where conveniently government reconvened today for first time since it was prorogued by the Governor General in December. It may […]

Who are the people in your neighborhood?

Councilor Clive Doucet Ward 17: The Glebe, Sunnyside, Old Ottawa South and Carleton U. ‘Doucet Breaks Rank’ read the headline of the Ottawa Citizen, referring to the fact that the councilor is the only one to have spoken his views on the bus strike independently of city hall. His point: control over schedules isn’t worth […]

For info on Ottawa Transit…

…check out this site: Public Transit in Ottawa. It’s run by a couple of Ottawa University students (current and former) and links to news sources, polls and other data relating to transit issues. They also have interviews with local politicians, such as Ottawa MPP Yasir Naqvi and the Green Party’s David Chernusenko.

The Strike Continues…

Bus drivers just rejected the city’s offer. The margin: 64.4%. CP reports 2,300 bus drivers have been on strike since Dec. 10, 2008. Yuck.

I Support the Bus Drivers

Opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not reflect an official position of apt613. I live downtown. I live downtown because I don’t want, and typically don’t need, a car. I (foolishly) don’t work downtown; I work in Ottawa South. Fortunately I’m in good health and I can get to […]