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Welcome to Babely Shades’ Space Jam!

For a great opportunity to hear some up-and-coming local artists, stop by Pressed this Friday for the launch of a new monthly music series that aims to promote young up-and-coming artists, particularly those who are queer and/or people of colour. This Friday’s show features November from Montreal, Perkolator from Peterborough, and Ottawa’s own Pith, one half of […]

10 can’t miss bands at Megaphono

One of Ottawa’s newest festivals is already one of its best. Megaphono is back for a second edition of 613 music from February 2-5, filling local venues as well as unexpected places (three words: skating bonfire party) with sounds, talks, and mixers that you can’t miss out on. Whether you’re looking to discover more awesome […]

Electioneering is a farce in SevenThirty Productions’ November

Every four years, the US presidential election captures the attention of the world.  And why shouldn’t it?  From a practical perspective, it is of immense interest to every person on the planet: who will be placed in charge of the largest nuclear arsenal and greatest concentration of purchasing power in the world?  Even then, a […]