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Guernica Editions’ Ottawa Spring Book Launch

Exciting News! For the first time ever, Guernica Editions will be doing a Spring Launch of its new titles in Ottawa. The launch will be at the new event space of the Vimy Brewing Company, 145 Loretta Avenue, Ottawa on Sunday, May 5, 2019, from 3 pm to 5:30 pm. It is a wonderful, spacious […]

Write on Ottawa: Deadly Sins

For anyone looking for a little action and intrigue to offset the cheer of the holiday season, Sins of the Angels is a great read to escape with.

Write On Ottawa: A tale of unearthly music and horror

Review by Laurie Stewart. Fans of HP Lovecraft will love Michel Weatherall‘s The Symbiot, book one in a series. A new breed of terror in the night, intelligent prose, sympathetic characters, and time travel… well, sort of. A mysterious new theory of music sets in motion of a chain of events that could end the world. […]

Write On Ottawa: These hippies mean business

Review by Barb Collishaw Seymour Hamilton’s The Hippies Who Meant It opens at a dramatic confrontation during an anti-war rally, where we meet the three main characters, Dick, Joe and Beth. They come from widely different backgrounds and only chance has thrown them together. A brightly painted VW microbus (definitely another main character) takes them to a […]