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National Gallery of Canada

Exhibition: Impressionist Treasures at the National Gallery of Canada—until 09.09.18

Impressionist Treasures: The Ordrupgaard Collection gives us a glimpse of one of Europe’s most beautiful but lesser-known collections. Through 60 paintings, it traces the progression of 19th century French painting from the Barbizon School and realism, to post-impressionism, including works by French masters Monet, Courbet, Manet, Matisse and Renoir, among others.

Weekend Roundup: Quoi faire ?

Welcome to the last of the winter weekends—although it might not feel like it, with all the snow we’ve been getting and a dip into colder temperatures over the weekend. Despite spring’s clever disguise, be sure to get out there and celebrate its arrival. There are plenty of exciting goings on in this fine city, to help you do it right!

Weekend Roundup: Quoi faire ?

This late into December, weekend outings in Ottawa will inevitably involve some measure of holiday-themed craft shows. And while this week’s Weekend Roundup is certainly full of cheer, I hope there’s a little bit for everyone, Grinch and otherwise. Oh yeah, and there’s some hockey stuff going on.

Weekend Roundup: Quoi faire ?

Well folks, we’ve had a few snowfalls and this Friday we flip the calendar to December. Whether you want to bundle up inside or get cozy with some hot chocolate outside, we’ve got you covered this weekend!