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Hawksley Workman brings the Bacchanalia to Ottawa in The God that Comes

The God that Comes is a delightful cocktail of cabaret, Greek tragedy, avant-garde theatre, one-man show, musical, queer theatre, and rock concert. This show will undoubtedly draw two types of audiences: the theatre fan and the Hawksley Workman fan. Neither will be disappointed. Adapted from The Bacchae by Christian Barry and Hawksley Workman, the play is a decidedly […]

Birds with Skymirrors at the NAC this Weekend

Birds with Skymirrors is an irresistible title. At once it conjures images of god-like creatures whose omnipresent mirrors reflect back to earth their privileged perspective of us. This is the mystical work from Samoan born, New Zealand based choreographer Lemi Ponifasio, who in his latest piece considers the degradation of current state of the environment, […]

Weekend roundup: What to do in Ottawa

Get yourself in the weekend groove with this exclusive Apartment613/Ceremony mix, curated by Gary Franks, one of our fave Ceremony DJs. It’s the perfect soundtrack to deciding how you want to kick up your weekend! There’s a stellar line up of Northern artists, musicians and more stopping by our city for the next week for […]

Weekend roundup: What to do in Ottawa

[youtube width=”600″ height=”485″][/youtube] Yes, there are egg hunts happening this weekend!. And if you’re feeling a bit of spring fever, head to the Black Sheep for a remedy or two. There’s a ton of music adventures to be had over the next few days. Danny Michel plays again tonight at the NAC Studio, after a great […]

La Traviata: A phenomenal talent showcase

Opera Lyra Ottawa’s production of Verdi’s La Traviata opened last night at the NAC. It was a wonderful performance, but for those of you thinking about trying out an opera for the first time, this may not be the show for you. OLO’s version of La Traviata was a concert presentation, which means no sets or […]

3 O’Clock in the Afternoon is an evening well spent

Presented by Carte Blanche, Norway’s National Company of Contemporary Dance, 3 O’Clock in the Afternoon debuts at the NAC this weekend. For this piece, Carte Blanche commissioned well-known and respected Norwegian choreographer and long-time Carte Blanche collaborator, Ina Christel Johannessen. In 3  O’Clock in the Afternoon, Johannessen questions the notion of boundaries – geographical, political and […]

Weekend roundup: What to do in Ottawa

Hey, hey Ottawa – another exciting weekend ahead! Not only is there a birthday party for a dance party, but we’re giving away tickets to a dance show this weekend. Read on to find out more! Indie/folk band Joe Pug is up from Chicago to share some of their tunes, and Serena Ryder is also stopping […]

NAC’s Metamorphoses Misses the Mark

Wrapping up at the NAC this past weekend was Mary Zimmerman’s Tony-Award winning play, Metamorphoses.  The piece, which took place in a pool of water, is a playfully anachronistic take on Ovid’s classic tales. Zimmerman uses these classic myths to critique our contemporary world. Erysichthon’s tale of black comedy warns of the dangers of overconsumption. Baucis and […]

Still Standing You? A relationship in dance

The National Arts Center launched an engaging new dance series this week called Face 2 Face, featuring work of four international companies presented at three venues in Ottawa (NAC Studio, ArtsCourt Theatre and ArtsCourt studio). Face 2 Face presents duets as the thematic focus to tie the series together. The duet provides a perfect idiom […]

Pride and Prejudice: Blazingly Fast and Funny

I must confess to never having read Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice—not even the version with added zombies. I’ve somehow also missed the miniseries, any movies, and other stage adaptations. To be honest, I never really thought the story would interest me. Perhaps I, too, am a victim of that same malady of prejudice to which […]

Jenn Grant: Ottawa, the new album, and a contest for our readers

In advance of her making the trip to the capital for a few shows at the National Arts Centre, we gave Jenn Grant a call to chat about her connection to our city and her new record The Beautiful Wild. She’s released a beautiful new album. It’s interesting and diverse in lots of fun ways […]

Political Mother delivers on high expectations

Expectation is a dangerous thing to bring to a dance show. Dance has a way of tapping into a deeper level where things are understood instinctively and emotionally, not rationally. But so much has been written about Hofesh Shechter and Political Mother, it would be impossible to come to the show without expectations. Shechter shot […]

thirsty Review: A Poetic, Beautifully Performed Descent

When I walked into the NAC’s main doors on Thursday night, I was greeted by a somewhat bizarre image: a row of men with long, fake beards posing for a picture, beers in hand. A glance through that night’s programme made sense of the strange tableau—ZZ Top was playing Southam Hall that night and these […]

One soundtrack to bring them all and in the darkness bind them!

The low driving bass notes that told you Jaws was on his way, the nerve-jangling screeching of strings from Hitchcock’s Psycho that changed showering forever, the brazen trumpets of the Star Wars theme that gave you hope for the rebel alliance, these are all quintessential examples of the importance of music in spinning a tale. […]

So Much Theatre: Communion

One of Canada’s foremost contemporary playwrights, the prolific Daniel MacIvor, has written yet another complex play where what takes place on stage is second in importance to what takes place in the audience member’s head. In Communion a mother, Leda (Jenny Munday) tries to come to terms with her strained relationship with her adult daughter […]