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Museum of Nature

When the Walrus Talks, Ottawa listens

This Monday evening, a group of Ottawans gathered at the Canadian Museum of Nature to hear a series of short, varied presentations on the topic of climate change: how we got here, what’s happening, and what can and should be done. The event was a collaboration between The Walrus Foundation, who put out the magazine […]

Weekend roundup: What to do in Ottawa + Home Reno Show giveaway

So, it’s cold. You’ve probably already discussed this around the water cooler today – there’s nothing like weather to get people riled up. So change the conversation and talk about your weekend plans – the city is hopping this weekend! Chinatown Remixed, that summertime street festival, has joined up with the Museum of Nature this […]

Hidden Gems: Museum of Nature

This week’s gem is not exactly a hidden one, but it’s definitely one of the most impressive buildings in the City. Designed by architect David Eward, drawing inspiration from similar Scottish Baronial style estates in Europe, the building is affectionately referred to as “the castle”. When you look closely you can notice many similarities between […]

bird visual

Is Nature Nocturne getting you closer to nature?

Dr. Adam Oliver Brown is a professor in the Department of Biology at the University of Ottawa with an interest in Science Communication.  Last week I went for a trip to the museum to reconnect with nature and was met by a raucous crowd of hundreds of party-goers sipping on cocktails and dancing to the […]

Taxidermy, meteorites and flashy duds: An evening at Nature Nocturne

This past Friday, Ottawans in the know sought out an unusual destination for their  socializing: the Canadian Museum of Nature. See, they didn’t need some cheesy Ben Stiller movie to know that the inaugural Nature Nocturne, their after-hours dance party, was going to be cool. First conceived of in New York City, Nature Nocturne brought […]