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Mr. Churritos

Mexican fiesta has been the Tac-O The Town!

Privé is at it again promoting another [classy, 19+] mouth watering experience, that has been the Tac-O The Town! What is Privé, you ask… Privé is an Advertising and Marketing agency that loves food. They are “famous” for bringing Ottawa The Underground Chef Market in November of last year and The Sip n’ Slurp Noodle […]

Huzzah! Masses of Ottawans celebrate as food trucks make their debut

All photos by Heather Rourke Hands up if you compulsively watch the Food Network—especially “Eat St.”, their celebration of great food trucks around the world. Til now, Ottawa has not made the cut as a great street food city, but that’s all about to change. On Wednesday at lunch time, City Hall previewed a welcome […]