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Mayfair Theatre

Weekend Roundup: Quoi faire ?

Haunted Houses and pumpkin carving parties may be at the very top of your to-do list this weekend, and if so, enjoy the heck out of that. If you’re still not sure what else there is to do, we’ve got your back. From a writing festival to choral music and an outdoor movie screening get out and about this weekend with your people and take in some of the nicer weather before the snow flies.

Weekend Roundup: What to do in Ottawa

This weekend is a big one for hip hop in the city, with House of PainT happening, all weekend long! Thursday marks Day 1 of House of PainT, and the OG 500 Poetry Slam and Art Expo at the Mayfair Theatre. 12 spoken word poets will go head-to-head, for a chance at the 500$ grand […]

THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW : diablerie mensuelle et jouissive du Mayfair

Par Mariette Delevallée Samedi prochain, c’est le 15 du mois. Vous ne le savez pas encore, vous qui ne rodez pas chaque fin de semaine du côté du Mayfair, mais les weekends de quinzaine y sont le lieu d’un grand rassemblement vombrissant. Du bruit, des cris, des couleurs flashy, des costumes, des bulles… Le mystère s’épaissit… Je dévoile! Voilà quatre […]

Basement 819 du 12 février 2014 :: La Chronique d’Éric avec Sofia Nolin, La Chasse nous présente SoulJazz Orchestra. Le 14 février: Sexy Film Festival au Mayfair

Fringante ambiance en cette 5ème édition de BASEMENT 819 ! Nous avons prêté nos micros à notre fidèle collaborateur Eric Barette ainsi qu’à Jonathan Chagnon, collègue de l’émission franco La Chasse. Voici le résumé de nos sélections culturelles de la semaine: — CHUO FM et le Café Alt inaugurent leur série concerts 2014 pour souligner […]

Bending over backwards: premiere of “Yogawoman” at the Mayfair Theatre

Ottawans sure do love their yoga. Walk down Bank St. from Wellington to Gladstone and you’ll encounter more yoga studios than Bridgeheads. While the majority of practitioners do yoga for the physical health benefits, it’s well known toned muscles aren’t all you get from downward dog. Yogawoman is an award winning documentary that tells the inspiring stories of […]

Wanderweg: A local filmmaker’s journey across Switzerland

“With every travel, it is very much about space and time together,” says Neeko Paluzzi, a Masters student in communications at the University of Ottawa whose first feature-length documentary Wanderweg premieres this Thursday at 7pm at the Mayfair Theatre on Bank Street. “And this film is about two time periods coming together in the same space.” The film […]

“Top Secret” lost erotic masterpiece to screen at the Mayfair

This coming Saturday the Mayfair Theatre at 1074 Bank Street is screening a special, top-secret film that is no longer in distribution. The movie is part of the Super Secret Saturday Night Sinema series, which takes place on the last weekend of each month. According to the Mayfair’s website, the film is “a DD-dose of dangerous, disreputable, not-in-distribution cinema […]