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Ian Fletcher Thornley delivers killer show at Mavericks

“I could tell it was going to be killer before we even got into the room and jammed.” And killer it was, as the three musicians, Ian Fletcher Thornley, Dave McMillan, and Glenn Milchem, delivered musical magic in an explosive cocktail of guitar, bass, and drums onstage at Mavericks Friday night. The generous set list […]

Finger Eleven back in town with new album & something to prove

After over twenty-five years practicing the art that is rock and roll, Finger Eleven still seem unwilling to let past successes weaken their resolve. The band has had something of a storied career, with numerous hits and Juno nominations under their collective belts (including one Juno win for Rock Album of the Year in 2008), […]

Video of the Week: Hurts to Breathe by Neverfriend

The opening of Ottawa-based band Neverfriend’s “Hurts to Breathe” features lead singer Gina desperately pleading for some love and relief, a vulnerability echoed in the images of a woman’s bare back covered in intricate flower tattoos. As the song progresses, however, the lyrics, the vocals and the instrumentals all build-up, fully expressing the angst and […]

Vintage Trouble deliver an energetic mix of blues, rock and soul

“In Europe, they’re called the heirs of rhythm and blues. In America, they are the new protocol of soul. Get your hands together for Vintage Trouble!” …and another Vintage Trouble performance begins. There are always certain things one can expect at one of their shows. First, the recorded introductory announcement and then the manner in […]

Apt613 Live – April 23rd Show

Tune in to Apartment613 Live every Wednesday at 9 p.m. on CHUO 89.1 FM. If you miss it, you can catch this week’s show using the handy Soundcloud widget below. And remember to subscribe to the podcast version of the show on iTunes. This week was all about young, local talent hitting the Ottawa art scene. Our first interview was […]

Tear it up with the Planet Smashers this Friday

The Planet Smashers celebrate their second decade playing together with a tour for the music off their newest album Mixed Signals. Even twenty years later, the Smashers maintain their upbeat and body-moving ska sound. “This new Planet Smashers opus remains a damn good third wave ska product and ideal summer soundtrack” The Hour is noted […]

The Zolas kick things off at Mavericks this Wednesday

If you’re not already familiar with the music of Vancouver-based band The Zolas, this Wednesday at Maverick’s is the perfect chance to get introduced. Having never seen them in concert, I’m eager to see how the technicality and energy of their most recent album, Ancient Mars, translates to a live performance. The band’s core duo […]