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Magnetic North

Laughter first, yoga second: Through the Gaze of a Navel

Well, it finally happened folks. There I was, bent over in my Downward Dog when Emelia Symington Fedy – the yoga instructor, professional advice giver, self-proclaimed pop psychology expert and witty performer – told the class to “twerk it like you can work it”. I never thought I’d see the day I’d be encouraged to […]

Modern Cabaret Revival with Small Stages Canada

Twinkling lights adorned the small stage area, designating the space a dance zone, as 2-person tables in the audience quickly filled up with 3 and 4 people, and attendees dutifully waited in line for their coveted drink tickets. As more and more people filed in and the excited murmurs grew louder, I scanned the room […]

Theatre review: What Happened to the Seeker

In What Happened to the Seeker, there is an illuminating moment when an aging hippie living in India muses on the local custom of going about the everyday business of living when young, working and raising families, then seeking enlightenment later when they are older. He speculates that maybe much of his current disappointment and […]

Hawksley Workman brings the Bacchanalia to Ottawa in The God that Comes

The God that Comes is a delightful cocktail of cabaret, Greek tragedy, avant-garde theatre, one-man show, musical, queer theatre, and rock concert. This show will undoubtedly draw two types of audiences: the theatre fan and the Hawksley Workman fan. Neither will be disappointed. Adapted from The Bacchae by Christian Barry and Hawksley Workman, the play is a decidedly […]

Stand tall in solidarity with the Ottawa Stilt Union

[youtube width=”600″ height=”400″][/youtube] It’s been a season of labour unrest in Canada; first the teachers in Ontario, and then the prison guards in Alberta. Now the Ottawa Stilts Union is threatening to cause some ruckus. Yes, Ottawa has a Stilt Union, a theatre group that uses stilts, acrobatics and other forms of extreme physical action to tell their stories. […]