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Find your cake and eat it too! at the Gluten Free Utopia

In recent years we’ve heard gluten free go from a foreign concept, to a term and lifestyle adopted by so many. You’d be hard pressed these days to meet someone who isn’t eating gluten free or know someone who is. Enter Samantha Maloney. Owner of local business Bez Gluten Free Baking, she saw the opportunity […]

Bright Nights: The 4th Baltic-Nordic Film Festival is on now

I consider myself to be a good Canadian girl. Minus 40 weather be damned- I’ve got places to go and people to see. Twenty articles of clothing later I’m heading out into the eyelash-freezing, forehead numbing, unsightly snot-inducing wind and snow. We’re Canadians-we laugh in the face of winter’s harsh blows! We’re united in refusing […]