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Kurt Fitzpatrick

Fringe Review: Best Picture

60 minutes | Comedy, Parody | Mature To write the script for “Best Picture” you would need nothing less than an encyclopedic knowledge of film history. You will not, however, need more that a layperson’s familiarity to enjoy it. This show is a rapid-fire series of gags, lambasting every film to ever be awarded the […]

Fringe Review: Best Picture

60 min | Comedy, Parody | Mature A comedic tour de force! I highly suggest you arrive early to this incredible play as you will greeted as a celebrity on the red rug (carpet) very warmly by the entertainment media (the actors) as they interview you as if you are the actors from the movies. […]

Cathedral City

Review by Barbara Popel 55 min | Comedy Solo | PG According to his press kit, Kurt Fitzpatrick has been performing at Fringe festivals since 2004. Cathedral City is based on his personal experiences (write what you know?), specifically his 6-month bout of severe sciatica. Sciatica is an extremely painful spinal condition which left him barely […]