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Kevin Bourne

Best Of: Ottawa Street Photographers

Street photography is a genre in transition. It can be traced back to Eugene Atget, recognized as the father of the genre, in mid-19th century Paris. Used as a way to capture design, his subjects were mainly buildings, streetscapes and gardens. Street photography would later undergo another change as the main subject became people. Traditionally […]

Ottawa’s potential greatness lies in its creativity

There has been a lot of debate lately about whether or not Ottawa is a great city.  On one side of the coin you have Andrew Cohen with his usual Ottawa-bashing pieces, while on the other side you have Paul Wells of Maclean’s who doesn’t share Cohen’s views on the city. After calling Toronto home for […]

Future of Ottawa: A bright future

This is the final part in our week-long series The Future of Ottawa.  In this post urban affairs analyst Kevin Bourne imagines what Ottawa will look like in the not so distant future.  Twitter users: use hashtag #futott if you want to discuss this series on Twitter. Imagine a city where you hop on a train to meet […]

The Future of Ottawa series

Ottawa is on the verge of becoming an extraordinary city.  Over the next few years, billions of dollars will be spent on several projects that will transform our region.  These initiatives include: ?  The $2.1 billion Light Rail Transit (LRT) system currently under construction; ?  The $110 million planned renovation of the National Arts Centre; ?  The proposed phase II redevelopment […]