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Weekend Roundup: Quoi faire ?

Welcome to the first snow covered weekend in the city. If the cold temperatures and slippery sidewalks aren’t enough to make you think like a bear and hibernate this weekend, there is plenty to do out and about in Ottawa. So get bundled up and get out there. We promise you it’ll be worth it!

Weekend Roundup: What to do in Ottawa

Though it’s still officially a few weeks off, if our events calendar is any indication, summer is already here! So you’ll want to take advantage of the warmer weather and get out to some great events, be they outdoor or indoor. Board game lounges seem to be all the rage these days, and Ottawa’s newest […]

Hip Hop Karaoke’d

I’m standing at the side of the stage, my palms sweaty (something about spaghetti). DJ So Nice is warming up the crowd with a few of his trademark beats. It’s a hot night, and Mugshots, the bar behind the Ottawa Jail Hostel, is packed to capacity. All heads are turned to the stage. The audience […]

VIP Karaoke – Bringing Musical Star Power to Chinatown

The spirit that Samantha Evert celebrates in her Hood Wars argument for Chinatown is attracting all kinds of multicultural, quirky and independent businesses to Somerset, making it t a fantastic area to play in these days. Adding to the growing love for my ‘hood is the fact that we now have VIP Karaoke. Full disclosure: […]