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Born Ruffians ruffing up Ritual + ticket giveaway

If ‘Born Ruffians’  is a tongue-in-cheek, parodic proclamation of softer sounds and cherubic jowls, in 2015, the band is morphing into, or at the least warming up to, the self-appointed nominalization. On their fourth release, Ruff , the touring 4-piece, hailing originally from the small city/big town of Midland, On (Georgian Bay area), ventures into […]

Rae Spoon :: Un concert qu’on mange à la petite cuillère

Par Mariette Delevallée Transgenre, transunivers, transparence… tant de mots à la frontière, pour ce chanteur à la voix claire et au costume ouaté. Ne pensez pas que l’emploi du masculin polarise ici l’auteur, le faisant basculer du côté mâle. Rae Spoon est ce chanteur à qui l’usage du français m’oblige de désobéir parce que le […]

Video of the Week: Bluff by Little Stella

[youtube width=”600″ height=”400″][/youtube] A nice tune and cute video by Ottawa’s Little Stella, a Folk/Rock/Pop/Electronic group with hints of country. What started as a high school act in Manotick (what’s in the water over there, some kind of nuclear waste that turns all their kids into musicians?) The song is from their 2012 self-titled EP.

Video of the Week: Hollerado’s “Pick Me Up”

[youtube][/youtube] The indie rocking Hollerado released yesterday what may be their oddest video yet. And for the band that once filmed themselves racing ostriches, that may be quite an accomplishment. As I look through Hollerado’s extensive library of music videos, it immediately becomes clear that this is a band that values the visual medium. Each of […]