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Hard Science

Tonight! Calvin Love brings his bedroom punk to Club Saw

Calvin Love finished his Love On Top tour last night in Montreal, and celebrates by playing alongside Theaternia at Club Saw tonight. Calvin Love’s bedroom punk, electronic sound is remnant of the music that came during post punk in the 70’s, and his songs like Cool have a smooth electronic sound backed up by plucky bass notes, […]

Theaternia builds on its dark, atmospheric soundscapes on new EP, Changer

Sometimes, a city will inspire you. For musician Caleb Abbott, the creative force behind Theaternia, the inspiration was a year spent in Paris. “It wasn’t the music scene there necessarily, it was the time alone to focus on writing that propelled Theaternia. Paris has a way of pulling things out of you, and I chose […]

Video of the week: Big Dick toils with Witchcraft

[youtube][/youtube] Big Dick have been having a busy summer. The duo – Dave Secretary (drums, vocals) and Johnny O (bass, vocals) – have an upcoming show at the Arborteum Arts Festival on Saturday and have also released their video, Witchcraft, today. Shot and edited by Travis Boisvenue, the video features various local haunts (can you […]