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Great Canadian Theatre Company

Music, drama, dance: The 2015-16 GCTC season

[youtube][/youtube] Some of Ottawa’s leading theatres recently announced their lineup for the 2015-16 season.  Over the next fews days, Apartment613 will highlight some of the great events that audiences can expect in the near future.  Today we review what is coming up at the Great Canadian Theatre Company. For 40 years, the Great Canadian Theatre […]

Moss Park is a brutally honest play

Is it really necessary to always find meaning in pain and suffering?  For many people, finding lessons in sorrow is a necessity, because otherwise what is the point of experiencing anguish. But what if we can’t find any answers, let alone wisdom, from misery?  This question arose in my mind after watching Moss Park, which […]

Anita Majumdar shines in double-bill performance at GCTC

Canada is a special place. With a vast geography, relatively small population spread over a huge land, and a multicultural mix that makes this country one of the most ethnically diverse places in the world, Canada is able to produce an array of voices with multiple viewpoints. The magic of the Great Canadian Theatre Company […]

Q&A with George F. Walker, Playwright

George F. Walker, 66, is a distinguished Canadian playwright and screenwriter. He was made a member of the Order of Canada in 1996 and is the recipient of numerous awards, including three Governor General Awards. His The Burden of Self Awareness premiered at the Great Canadian Theatre Company (GCTC) earlier this month. We sat down […]

The Burden of Self Awareness premieres at the GCTC

Over the course of 85 minutes (including one intermission) we follow a cast of five characters though a cascade of profanity, questionable ethics, infidelity, violence — even self-mutilation. The Great Canadian Theatre Company (GCTC) is ending its 2013-14 season with the world premiere of The Burden of Self Awareness, a dark comedy written by Canadian […]

Undercurrents Theatre Festival: A Quiet Sip of Coffee

There are some things on which playwrights Anthony Johnston and Nathan Schwartz agree. They agree that they wrote a prank letter to a fundamentalist “ex-gay” organization. They asked for funds to develop a new play. The organization invited them to workshop the play at the group’s rural retreat. The offer was conditional: they had to […]

This is War shows the human scars caused by Canada’s military role in Afghanistan

Hannah Moscovitch has been called Canada’s most competent and hottest young playwright.  This praise extends abroad, with such publications as the Chicago Tribune and The Guardian recognising her talent. Watching her newest play This is War, which runs at the Great Canadian Theatre Company until February 23, it is clear why the 35-year-old has received so much acclaim. Set in Afghanistan […]

Award-winning Canadian comedy lights up the GCTC stage

Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) is a triumph of Canadian theatre.  First premiering in 1988, this brilliant comedy won playwright Ann-Marie MacDonald the Governor General’s Award as well as other prizes. Playing at the Great Canadian Theatre Company until December 15, this work is proof that intellectually challenging plays can be a crowd-pleaser. For those not familiar […]

Maja Ardal enthrals audience with delightful solo show

Several good plays have been performed in Ottawa over the last few months.  While some have been quite enjoyable, (others not so much), up to now no recent theatrical production in the city could be called a true standout. This has now changed with You Fancy Yourself, the award-winning solo show written and performed by Maja […]

Satirical play offers a fresh (and funny) look at Prime Minister Harper

Canadian federal politics, we are repeatedly told, is becoming increasingly polarised.  The person that many people blame for this division is Prime Minister Harper. A new comedy at the Great Canadian Theatre Company (GCTC), however, offers a unique perspective on Canada’s federal leader, by presenting a witty story that challenges political partisans of all stripes. Opening the […]

Undercurrents review

Tuesday evening marked the beginning of Ottawa’s third annual undercurrents festival at the Great Canadian Theatre Company (1233 Wellington Street West). Festival Director Pat Gauthier’s  showcase of six theatre productions includes a mix of local and national creations that highlight some of the best cutting-edge theatre in the country. With each show lasting about an […]

So much theatre: The Fly with Stones party at the GCTC

One might expect that two theatres located within a twenty-minute walk from one another—and with a similar core audience demographic—would have some kind of frosty, dramatic rivalry. Not so, in the case of the Great Canadian Theatre Company and the Gladstone Theatre. These two theatres have somewhat of a shared history; before the GCTC moved into […]

So Much Theatre: Review of Circle Mirror Transformation

It is only by looking in a mirror that people can see themselves as they are. In the final play of the Great Canadian Theatre Company’s 2011–12 season, Circle Mirror Transformation, five people’s lives intersect over the course of a six-week community centre creative drama workshop. The class is led by enthusiastic former hippie Marty […]

So Much Theatre: The GCTC’s 2012/2013 line up

On Wednesday afternoon, the Great Canadian Theatre Company announced the six productions that will make up its 2012–13 season—a season without a name, but that will be characterized by “heart and humour,” according to outgoing Artistic Director Lise Ann Johnson. The season will kick off this September with The Secret Mask, a semiautobiographical tragicomedy by […]