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Q&A with Charlie Ross, One Man Star Wars + win tickets

Without props or costumes, Charlie Ross has performed his one-man Star Wars show more than 4,000 times in about 400 cities. Prior to his March 23rd performance in Ottawa (one night only), Ross sets the record straight about meeting George Lucas and shares a few highlights about his 15-year adventure playing all of the main […]

S’éclater pleinement au festival Fringe d’Ottawa

La 19e édition du Festival Fringe d’Ottawa a pris son envol mercredi soir au théâtre de la Cour des arts. Pleine à craquer, les spectateurs ont chaleureusement accueilli 32 performances présentées en format « échantillon ». La palette de couleurs est attrayante; cet avant-goût a fait son effet, nous trépignons d’impatience! Jusqu’au 28 juin, toutes les têtes […]

The tale of a boating adventure gone wrong

Three Men in a Boat is one of 56 shows at the upcoming Ottawa Fringe Festival and the hilarious tale of a boating adventure (gone horribly wrong —in many ways — to the delight of audiences). It was originally planned as a travel guide turned novel in 1889. Apt613 met up with the cast of […]

Weekend roundup: What to do in Ottawa

Even those of you who are only mildly interested in federal politics probably know that the House came back this week. It’s not the only crazy political antics to have recently returned, though: Question Period The Musical! is back in town for one day only, after a successful Fringe run last summer. What else have […]