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Frances Boyle

VERSe Ottawa celebrates the art of poetry with communal event, Poetry in the Park

VERSeFest, Ottawa’s annual international poetry festival, wants to celebrate the art of poetry, music, and food by presenting Poetry in the Park. The festival will include an entire afternoon of bilingual arts performances along with a delicious lunch. The day of poetry will be held on Aug. 28 from 1pm to 5:30 pm at Strathcona Park in the Sandy Hill area. The event, including lunch, is free for anyone to attend.

Write On Ottawa: Frances Boyle’s sound and light show

It’s called chiaroscuro — contrasting light and dark for dramatic effect — and it is old school.  Picture Rembrandt’s face peeking out of the darkness like that macadamia nut in your double chocolate cookie. It evokes some traditional associations as well.  Light equals truth. Darkness surrounds us and feeds on our fear, ignorance and/or inattention. […]