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Eugene Haslam

Zaphod’s celebrates 25 years with live music dance party

Zaphod Beeblebrox is a ubiquitous part of Ottawa’s nightlife. Known to most as Zaphod’s, the club opened at its current location in 1992 by Eugene Haslam, who later re-opened Barrymore’s in 1996. As a preteen, I’d hear my brother, almost a decade my senior, and his friends making plans virtually every weekend to hit up Zaphod’s. […]

Zaphod’s enters Chapter 2 under new owner

“Our philosophy: no racism; no aggression; no gender bias; entertain and enlighten; no attitude or pretensions; fair prices and fair measures; a musical and social alternative; friendly staff and fast courteous service; respecting our audience and gaining their respect; all our guests, especially women, should feel comfortable and safe here.” Ottawa’s live music landmark, Zaphod […]

Enter the Mannequin: an interview with Ooluu

I’m sitting in a dim, black light-equipped room in the basement studio of one of the most peculiar Ottawa bands to date. Present with me are Eric Landry, and Asa Holloh, the lead singer and bassist of Ooluu, respectively. Their debut EP Mannequin is being released on February 14th. Any significance behind the date? “It’s […]