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Hello My Name Is… New Potato

What’s that? You think we’ve met before? Perhaps – but I think you may be confusing me with my much older and dowdier cousin.

Foodie Friday: Shared commercial kitchen finally opens its doors

It took nearly two years but the Cauldron Kitchen is finally open for business. Ottawa’s first, ultra-flexible, totally shared commercial kitchen, targeted at Ottawa’s budding small-time foodie businesses in need of a place to prepare their goodies without violating health and safety laws, opened its doors last month. “What we discovered is that building a kitchen from […]

Foodie Friday: Crowdsourcing dinner at the Urban Element

We’ve all heard the saying “there’s too many cooks in the kitchen”, but that isn’t a problem at Hintonburg’s Urban Element – they’ve just made the kitchen bigger! My husband and I have been meaning to take a cooking class at the Element for some time now and we were finally able to this past […]

My Neighbourhood Bites: Searching for Ottawa’s hidden foodie talent

Ottawa residents are privileged by the rich cultural culinary landscape and all it has to offer. Mexican, sushi, Mediterranean, and of course, shawarma, are typically all available in Ottawa’s various neighborhoods. However, while great food is right around the corner, we all have our special recipes that we can’t wait to show off to friends, […]

Ron Eade: Taking a Bite out of Life

Ron Eade got me cooking in the kitchen as soon as I walked into his home. The recently retired food editor for the Ottawa Citizen was whipping up some shrimp and grits, and called on me for help. I will be the first to admit that my cooking skills are subpar (I had always thought […]

Eating your way through a recession: 10 things better and cheaper than Spam

In some odd irony, the Times Online has reported that Spam factories are working overtime to create enough product to feed the hungry Americans looking for ways to cut back on their food budgets. It’s not secret that in times of economic downturn that a greater percentage of our ever shrinking food budgets go towards […]