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Chris Binkowski

Bucko Art Machine: Collaboration in isolation, complex care and transcending physical disability in a global pandemic

Before the pandemic, Bucko (Chris Binkowski) was a busker. He would perform in public spaces or at events, creating audio-visual performances powered by his wheelchair. He also does large-scale geometric paintings and has been active on a new project with other artists, under the name Bucko Art Machine. His latest work is a track on the Mood Ring Vol. 2 compilation

A StopGap measure to making Ottawa more inclusive

If you know of a business that could use a ramp, tell the owner about StopGap. If you’re a business owner, reach out to StopGap to find out how it can help you make your business more welcoming to everyone in the community.

Chris Binkowski on accessibility in Ottawa’s music scene

Apt613 spoke with Chris Binkowski, a painter, busker, and, founder of Accessibility for Humanity, an advocate for making businesses and other spaces in Ottawa more accessible. Recently, Accessibility For Humanity has been working with Stopgap Ottawa to provide businesses with free wooden portable ramps. He generously shared his experiences and thoughts on places and events […]