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Centrepointe Theatre

Monty Python madness takes center stage at Centrepointe Theatre

It’s not every night that knights in shining armor perform a strip tease onstage. But then again, these aren’t your average knights. For the past three months, the cast and crew of Orpheus Musical Theatre Society’s latest production, Monty Python’s Spamalot, have been hard at work perfecting their jousting and jesting. Based on and “lovingly […]

Les Coquettes bring the art of tease to Centrepointe

This Saturday, Toronto’s Les Coquettes will bring their style of burlesque cabaret to Centrepointe theatre for their first ever “soft-seat” show. The troupe has been gigging in and around the Greater Toronto Area for the last nine years, so local burlesque fans are in for a real treat. To sweeten the deal, Toronto’s infamous and […]

Darrelle London’s peach of an album at Centrepointe

Gloria Song is a music writer for Apartment613. She also has her own band, Scary Bear Soundtrack. Darrelle London once faced a choice between law school and music. “When I was finishing undergrad,” she tells me over the phone, “I was interested in law as an academic subject, and I think I would like law […]