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Roberta Bondar at Cafe Alt: “We saw them when…”

Appreciators of the pioneering lady spaceman Roberta Bondar may be disappointed that she hasn’t, in fact, embarked upon a second career in music. The Roberta Bondar that played, along with opening acts Wtchs and Couples, to a packed house at Café Alt on Friday night is instead a group of four Ottawa musicians who play what […]

Roberta Bondar to Debut new Tape at Cafe Alt Tomorrow

Tomorrow night at Café Alt, Roberta Bondar is releasing a new album. Just for clarification, I’m talking about the Ottawa band named Roberta Bondar, not the Canadian female astronaut. I wonder if that’s a coincidence. In either case, Roberta Bondar is about to become a pioneer, not of outer space this time, but of a […]

Audio: Interview with James and Blackburn at Cafe Alt

The Soundcloud embed isn’t working, so here’s the direct link. It’s 10 minutes long. A couple weeks back, Cafe Alt hosted the second edition of the aptly named Cafe Alt Concert Series. It was a resounding success, in no little part due to the gentlemen you are about to meet. James and Blackburn is a […]