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Brenda Dunn

XTech: Fossils from the Xennial Age

Do you remember the world pre-internet? I do juuust barely. Come out to @purple_urchin and check out the XTech series of prints and paintings all about obsolete tech that we’ve loved then broken up with. I’ll be on their lovely walls for the month of June. Wanna chat retro tech? I’ll be there Friday June 7th […]

Exhibition: Duplexity at AOE Gallery—until 06.12.18

“Duplexity” is an unusual word. It means to be doubled, to convey the same message on two channels, but it also calls to mind stacks of residential buildings. That’s exactly what Brenda Dunn and A. M. Benz are evoking with their dense, square compositions in this two-artist show at the AOE Gallery—the layered, condensed, chaotic spill of inhabitation over the landscape.

Fringe Review: Best Picture

60 minutes | Comedy, Parody | Mature To write the script for “Best Picture” you would need nothing less than an encyclopedic knowledge of film history. You will not, however, need more that a layperson’s familiarity to enjoy it. This show is a rapid-fire series of gags, lambasting every film to ever be awarded the […]