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Bluesfest Review: Goddo

Ottawa braced themselves for the return of the pretty bad boys of hard rock on the River stage on July 13. This would be the last show I would see at Bluesfest this year, and what a way to go out…with high decibel power chord rock…just the way I like it! Goddo is a Canadian […]

Bluesfest Review: Moist

Moist is a Canadian alternative rock band that formed in Vancouver, B.C. in 1992. They released their first album, Silver (1994), which was noted for its hits, “Silver”, “Believe Me” and their very signature song, “Push”. They released two more albums, Creature (1996), Mercedes 5 and Dime (1999) and a compilation DVD, Machine Punch-Through: The […]

Bluesfest Review: The Red Rails

This would be my first and only show inside the comfortable Barney Danson Theatre at the Canadian War Museum. I caught local act, The Red Rails, an enormously textured rock band who have been stirring up quite a fuss in the last year. They are made up of three incredibly gifted musicians: Kim Vincent (guitar/lead […]

Bluesfest Review: Third Eye Blind

A band that entered the 90’s with their refreshing and very rhythmic alternative rock took us on a journey back into half our lives ago, including lead singer/songwriter/guitarist, Stephan Jenkins, who turns 50 later this year. San Francisco band, Third Eye Blind, started as the songwriting duo between Stephan Jenkins (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), and […]

Bluesfest Review: Blondie

For me, Blondie was the Madonna of the seventies…a sort of wild child Marilyn Monroe sporting a bad ass attitude, which was as present on stage as it was in her vocals. The band was formed by singer Deborah Harry and guitarist Chris Stein in 1974, changing their name from “Angel and the Snake” to […]

Bluesfest Review: Procol Harum

British progressive/symphonic rock band, Procol Harum, was formed in 1967 by multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter, Gary Brooker, and his friend and lyricist, Keith Reid, who has remained as Brooker’s collaborator to this day. Their first release of “Whiter Shade Of Pale” in the same year, was a number one hit on a global scale. The combination of Brooker’s […]