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Bluesfest Special Feature: All-Star Blues Revue

Bluesfest’s All-Star Blues Revue celebrates the age old musical melange of the jam. Musicians who gather in a communal and unscripted release of their talents, often times resulting in some of the most magical creativity that is as wonderful to be a part of as it is to witness. This year celebrates the second series of these jams, seven in total, all held inside the Barney Danson Theatre.

Bluesfest International Highlight: Pink

Pink more than got the party started Sunday night at Ottawa’s Bluesfest. It seemed like every inch of the grounds was covered with fans as she walked onto the City Stage, which was decked out with a catwalk out front, pyro works on either side, and a gigantic backdrop that projected music videos and onstage antics.

Bluesfest International Highlight: Melissa Etheridge

When Melissa Etheridge hit the music scene nearly 30 years ago, she took the world by storm with her strong raspy vocals, her fiery songs, her fearless words, and blazed a trail for women in Rock. But last night on the City Stage at Bluesfest, she not only delivered many of her classic hits, but showed us the deeper side of her musical roots that made it abundantly clear she was born to sing the blues.