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Weekend Roundup: Quoi faire ?

After the hullabaloo and heatstroke of the long weekend has passed, we are faced with another beautiful weekend in our city, and no limit of ways to fill it. Bluesfest starts with a bang on Thursday night and rolls right on through the weekend. If Lebreton Flats is not your destination of choice, mix it up a little bit with a poutine in Gatineau, a soccer game, some classical music or a Shakespeare play for a little culture.

10 bonnes raisons d’intégrer la francophonie au Bluesfest

La semaine dernière, les organisateurs du Bluesfest d’Ottawa ont annoncé la liste des têtes d’affiche qui feront partie du festival qui se tiendra cette année du 5 au 15 juillet sur les Plaines LeBreton. Bien que nous soyons reconnaissants de ce succès et du rayonnement qu’il permet à la ville d’Ottawa, voilà quelques années que nous observons le peu de place que ce festival accorde au français et nous souhaitons par la présente, offrir quelques bonnes raisons de considérer la francophonie tant dans l’organisation du festival, le choix des artistes que dans la mission du festival.

Bluesfest Local Highlight: Old Man Grant

Those that wandered into the Barney Danson Theatre during Bluesfest early Friday night were treated to something more than your average bluegrass band. Ottawa trio Old Man Grant whipped up their own brand of bluegrass brew that had flavours of country, folk, New Orleans dixieland, and a hefty heaping of foot-stomping hillbilly goodness.

Bluesfest Special Feature: All-Star Blues Revue

Bluesfest’s All-Star Blues Revue celebrates the age old musical melange of the jam. Musicians who gather in a communal and unscripted release of their talents, often times resulting in some of the most magical creativity that is as wonderful to be a part of as it is to witness. This year celebrates the second series of these jams, seven in total, all held inside the Barney Danson Theatre.