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Fringe Review: Ananta

By Vanessa Turpin 55 minutes | Musical, Stand-up Slam | Mature On opening night, Ananta took to the stage dressed in all black, perched atop a high stool and looked out at the intimate (read: small) crowd from behind round-framed glasses. He looked to be the quintessential depiction of a Beat poet, in a somewhat […]

The Noisy Locomotive :: La nouvelle vague “old time”

En mai 2013 naquit un trio ottavien pas ordinaire formé initialement par Trevor Pool, Corey Pool et Ben Nesrallah. Le band The Noisy Locomotive roule sa bosse allègrement et c’est peu dire.  Ces musiciens possèdent un art précis, celui de faire renaître des airs d’autrefois, ceux  du vrai style old time  – un mélange folk-bluegrass […]

Music for your next road trip

Union Duke’s album Cash and Carry is the perfect soundtrack for a summer road trip.  Greeted by a banjo twang in the first track’s opening bars you can’t help but be overcome by that hopeful feeling you get turning the key in the ignition on a sunny summer’s day and pulling on to the road […]

Album review: Concession 23’s Walter and Alice

Regulars at Pressed‘s Bluegrass Night will already know and love Concession 23, a bluegrass quartet known for their strong vocal harmonies, rhythmic energy, and their ability to build a rapport with their audiences.  Walter and Alice is the band’s third CD, and represents a step up for the already accomplished band from the Ottawa/Ottawa Valley region. […]